Welcome to the new site!

The Knee Deep Shag reunion was quite a success despite mother nature “not wanting to cooperate”.  Thanks to the Harborfest folks, Kevin Brady and the Foundry Hall for making it a very memorable night.  Special thanks to all the folks who braved the weather and were able to find our rain location!  You can check out some video here: (thanks Roseann!) and here: (thanks webmaster Jeff!).  There are some wonderful photos, expertly taken by Jill Lenkowski, at  as well!

One of the great TV shows of all time, Lost, has ended.  But, you can relive all of the wonderful memories through song. Check out “You All Everybody” at  It’s a Lost Tribute Band with myself and Mark Ziegler (one of my Butterfat Trio cohorts) among others.  You can’t go wrong with songs about smoke monsters!

I have some other new audio clips up on the site. Some were recorded in different studios and some were recorded in my home studio, Quarter Point.  Check out the Quarter Point Studio page to learn about having me play on your music without ever having to see my ugly mug!

I’m in the middle of a few other exciting recording projects and, as always, you can see me rocking the crap out of “Jessie’s Girl” with my cover band Spoken Four.  We play all over the Chicagoland area.  Check for dates.

Welcome to the new site!

Hello All! Welcome to my new website, reworked once again by the great Jeff Lenkowski! Big news!.  Knee Deep Shag will be playing a reunion show on June 18th at the Harborfest in South Haven, MI.  I’m VERY excited about this!  It’ll be good to play with the old boys again.  We start around 9pm [...]